‘I wasn’t scared of drones before, but now when they fly overhead I wonder, will I be next?’


Drone Assassination Awareness Week – 26 Feb to 3 March, 2017

Join us in a week of prayer, fasting and witnessing for the victims of drone strikes. See our facebook page for daily location of the vigil bus. To conclude the week, a propitiatory* offering of blood will be made to the GCSB, as we call for them to take our blood instead. *Definition: to sacrifice something in order to stop something else being taken

U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands of innocent civilians in 7 Muslim majority countries. The killing continues. Our Defense Forces (GCSB) are helping the killer drone programme, by giving signals intelligence to the U.S.

Throughout Drone Assassination Awareness Week we will:

  • Witness to the killings
  • Vigil and pray for the dead
  • Pray for the perpetrators
  • Call on the GCSB to end all assistance given to the Killer Drone programme
  • Call on the GCSB to release all historic filesSpread the word about Drone Assassinations

Download/print out the flyer and the programme. Download our open letter to the GCSB.

Citizens’ Inspection – 2pm Mothers Day, 14 May, 2017

We call on the GCSB to come clean with their secret activities. We ask that all records from 1987 up to 2007 be made available for public scrutiny. We accept that due to the nature of their work, current operations need to stay secret, so we don’t ask to see the details of the last 10 years up to the present. Disclosure of historic files is therefore a reasonable request.

If the GCSB has done nothing wrong, then they have nothing to fear in releasing their historic files.

If this request is not granted by 2 May, there will be a Citizens’ Inspection of the GCSB Head Office in Wellington on 14 May. This is Mothers Day, when we remember the mothers of all those killed in conflicts, and the mothers who have themselves died, like Mamana Bibi.

The GCSB know everything about us, and we know nothing about them.

  • 30 years of secrecy
  • 30 years of non-accountability
  • 30 years of contributing to US war crimes
  • 30 years of spying on friendly governments (including the United Nations)
  • 30 years of the surveillance state.

What to bring to the Citizens’ Inspection

  • camera
  • notebook/clipboard and pen
  • sensible footwear
  • hi-vis vest.